SomerSlam 2017

Hosted by Jackie Clementines and Fuseperformance

PRIZE –  To be the first winner of the first SomerSlam, Win a Poetry voucher THANKS WATERSTONES, Perform next year to open Somerslam 2018  and be part of the Somerslam family !

Waterstones Logo (3)

Be you a classical romantic or a battling rapper, a street corner story-teller or an inky-fingered bard – Come together alongside Somerset’s finest spoken word poets to crown our new Somerset Slam Champion!

Think you have got what it takes? –
All competing wordsmiths will be given three minutes to recite a poem, tell a story, or perform any other spoken discipline. Whether they are laughing, crying or both at once – the Somerfest Music Stage audience will decide who is the winner.

Time-keeping will be strict so keep it snappy…….and remember this is a daytime show to a family audience.

Our new Somerset Slam Champion will win the chance to perform again on this prestigious stage and join the SomerSlam family forever! Lets get ready to ramble! We also have a poetry voucher for the Somerslam winner.

To sign up – post on this page, Inbox Jackie Clementines LiveArts, or email jackieclementines@gmail.com.

Sign-ups are on a first-come-first served basis.

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