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Out Here

Children’s roundabout rides, Outdoor Arts Performances, enjoy local food and drinks. Try your hand at Bingo Lingo, enjoy watching  the Lords of Strut, Sais Samba Dance, The Strong Lady and ZoieLogic dance production FEAST.  Lots of free shows throughout the day in Castle Green.

Sacred Funk

Olu Taiwo and Lekan Babalola presents Sacred Funk Project for Somerfest 2017  Sacred Funk is a storytelling performance with spoken poetry and mime in phase with music with Afro-beat and funky dance overtones. The Yoruba mystic Orunmila, whose origins are shrouded in myth and legend, performs the first […]

Lords of Strut

Present – The Street WINNERS of the Street Performers World Championship Semi Finalists Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Fabulously Over Styled and under dressed Lords of Strut are changing the world with dance. Charm, sharp wit, and good humour with flashes of surprising acrobatic skill and just enough naughtiness to keep […]

Strong Lady

Performing at Somerfest this year funded by Arts Council England. The world of the Strong Lady is filled with dazzling contrasts: muscle and grace, beauty and brute strength, lifting the hearts of the audience and… well… lifting the audience!