Event Team Information

The Event Team have a very important part to play in ensuring the festival runs smoothly and is a success!

Please read through the information provide along with the associated documents. If there is anything you are unsure of, please make sure you ask before the event.

Event Date; Saturday 17th June

Event Locations; Castle Green, Goodland Gardens, Somerset Square, Fore Street/North Street, East Street, High Street, The River Tone.

Event Times; 12am – 6pm  

Event Programme available for download

Site Specific information with regard to Craft Stalls, Food/Drink Vendors, Promotion Stalls, Activity Organisers arrival, set up and pack down along with downloadable location plans. 
Castle Green
Museum & Grounds
Goodland Gardens
Somerset Square/Brewhouse
High Street

Event Safety

Event Safety Plan
Event Emergency Plan
Lost Child Procedure
2 Way Radio Communication guide

Please select the relevant locations on the left of this Online Map where you can view Event: Festival Vehicle Access, Emergency Vehicle Routes and Section Emergency Evacuation. Alternatively you can download the Emergency Evacuation Plans HERE and download a site map showing Emergency Vehicle Routes below.
Somerfest Site Plan 2017
There is no intelligence to suggest any cause for alarm however during the event always be vigilant, if you notice an unattended bag or a person behaving suspiciously please report this to the control room immediately and the Police have advised for all event staff to watch the Run, Hide Tell video below:

The safety plans and  procedures are internal documents for Event Staff only, information for visitors to Somerfest is available from the Somerfest website and in the Somerfest Festival Guide that will be handed out on the day.

On the Day – What you need to do

Please report to the Control Room at least 15 minutes prior to your shift (situated in Goodland Gardens Green)  where you will be required to sign in confirming you have read and understood the Festival plans and procedures.

Collect and sign for a 2-way radio (if you have been allocated one) Collect your Polo Shirt ‘Event Host’ or Hi-Vis Tabard Steward/Traffic Marshals, you will also be given a Lanyard and pouch with a handy information leaflet inside.

We will be using a ‘WhatsApp’ group to share messages and information relating to Somerfest during the day, it would be very useful if you could have this downloaded on your phone with the notification ‘Alerts’ turned on and make sure the control operator has you mobile before you start your shift.

We would ask that everyone orientates themselves with all the Somerfest locations prior to starting their shift.

Your shift times are to include breaks, please radio through to the Control Room to ask for a break and they will arrange for someone to cover you.

Refreshments and food vouchers will be provided.

Event Stewards/Hosts/Marshals Responsibilities

  • At each festival location there will be Steward Team Leader identified by a pink Hi-Vis Tabard 
  • During the morning get in and set up, you will assist with the directing of stallholders and activity organisers to their locations ensuring the safe movement of vehicles.
  • During the pack down and get out you will assist with the directing of stall holders and activity organisers from their locations ensuring the area is safely clear of pedestrian during dismantling of activities, stalls and vehicle movement.
  • Marshals to manage any traffic that comes onto an event area.
  • To assist with the delivery of a safe and enjoyable experience of visitors to the event.
  • To adhere to event Safety Plans and Procedures.
  • To provide visitors to the event with information about what’s on and where.

Event Contacts
Festival Director  – Sally Mann, m: 07866 771601 and on Event Radio
Festival Operations  – Julie Pattemore, m: 07970 540896 and on Event Radio
Incident Manager & Control Room – Gary Stephens, m 07711 446930 and on Event Radio