Goodland Gardens Information

Please select Goodland Gardens on the left side of this Online Map where you can view the site entrance and your festival location alternatively click on the relevant downloadable map below:  
Goodland Plaza – Pitch Locations
Goodland Green – Pitch Locations
Wild Arts Green Crafts – Pitch Locations

We need to manage traffic arriving on & leaving site as Goodland Gardens is split into 3 festival locations with vehicle access only via one entrance along a single track.

Unless agreed otherwise arrival times are as follows.
Goodland Plaza 1:  Between 7.30am – 8.00am
Goodland Green 2:  Between 8.00am – 8.30am
Wild Arts Green Crafts 3:  Between 9.00am – 9.30am

GG's Vehicle Acsess

Vehicle access will be via Castle Street TA1 4AS, vehicles will need to drive through Goodland Gardens to reach pitch locations. Please drive with great care (speed limit 5mp)

Access to Goodland Gardens is immediately off a main road so we need to prevent festival vehicles from queuing to get on site therefore we ask that you call the festival control on m: 07711 446930  if you need additional assistance to see you onto site safely.

There is a tight turn into Goodland Gardens Entrance so it is recommended to approach from the Corporation Street or Park Street direction.

Once set up all vehicles need to be off site by 10.00am, parking is in public car parks nearby.

Pack down will be no earlier than 6.00pm, car access will be no earlier than 6.30pm, ensure areas are safely clear of pedestrians during dismantling and vehicle movement.