Festival Information

Craft Stalls, Food/Drink Vendors, Promotion Stalls, Activity Organisers

Please take a moment to read through this information and the linked documents.

Site Specific information with regard to arrival, set up and pack down, please select your festival location after you have read through Event Safety & T & C’s below.
Castle Green
Museum & Grounds
Goodland Gardens
Somerset Square/Brewhouse
High Street

Event Safety

  • If equipment fails which puts persons at risk please stop trading or activity immediately until equipment and area is made safe.
  • If you see any hazards either remove the hazard if possible or report to a Steward
  • In the event of a Fire, Serious Accident/Injury or Incident Call 999 then immediately report to a Steward. If there is a Fire, Fire fighting equipment should only be used to limit the spread of fire to enable safe evacuation, only tackle a fire if it is safe to do so.
  • Non emergency, Lost or missing child or vulnerable person, report to a Steward
  • In the case of adverse Weather the Event may be cancelled if it is deemed unsafe to go ahead, the Event Manager will make decision and you will be informed of the decision.
  • If you notice an unattended bag or a person behaving suspiciously please report this to a Steward.

Stalls – Terms & Conditions

Festival Programme

Event Contacts
Festival Director  – Sally Mann, m: 07866 771601 and on Event Radio
Festival Operations  – Julie Pattemore, m: 07970 540896 and on Event Radio
Incident Manager & Control Room – Gary Stephens, m 07711 446930 and on Event Radio

Festival Site MapSomerfest Master Site Plan 2017.jpg