Stalls Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Stall Holders at Somerfest

We provide a family friendly atmosphere at Somerfest and these T&C’s are to ensure safety for everyone participating at the event.


You will not be allowed access to the site if we have not recieved copies of the required documents with your application.

  • Public Liability Insurance (minimum of £2 million)
  • Risk Assessment –Activity organisers & stalls providing activities
  • Food Hygiene Certificate (if applicable)
  • PAT Certificate (if applicable)
  • Gas Safety Certificate (if applicable)

Set Up and Pack Down
The program of events run from 11am until 6pm, access to set up will be from 7.30am with no onsite vehicle movement after 9.30am (times may vary depending on location and will be given 2 weeks prior to the event) Pack down will be from 6pm Castle Green & Goodland Gardens, 5pm Somerset Square (The Brewhouse)

Stalls and Canopies
Fabrics or other sheet materials used in the construction of the stalls, roof coverings, drapes or awnings shall be rendered flame retardant.

Activities and Interactive Equipment
All activities and interactive equipment must be fully risk assessed, documentation including public liability needs to be provided with submission of the event registration form.

Food Products
Traders selling food products, shall comply with the provisions of the Food Safety Act 1990 (Amendment) Regulations 2004, General Food Regulations 2004, Regulations (EC) No. 178/2002, 852/2004, 853/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006.

Food Vendors
Vans and stalls used for cooking must be adequately ventilated.The Business must comply with current food safety legislation. All staff must have attended, as a minimum, “level 1” Food Hygiene training within the past 5 years. Evidence of Food Hygiene training must be available for examination by an authorised officer of the Council at any time when the unit is trading. Food hygiene and safety appliance documentation  also needs to be provided with submission with the event registration form.

Please ensure any ovens are barriered off from the Public so they are unable to come into contact with any hot surfaces.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas shall not be used without the express permission of the festival and council and any equipment using this gas shall have only flexible and approved armoured hoses complying with the relevant British Standard Specification or equivalent.

Generators, tow bars, equipment
All generators should be in a safe working condition and cordoned off with fencing or a suitable barrier to ensure that the General Public do not have access to the equipment, or present a fire or similar hazard to the stall, goods displayed thereon or adjoining premises and do not cause any noise or fume nuisance.

Wherever possible all generators must be fueled by diesel oil.

No combustible materials are to be stored in the vicinity of a generator and suitable first aid firefighting appliance(s) must be immediately available.

No fuel may be stored in the vicinity of a generator. Generators must not be filled up during the trading day. All generators should be filled up at the start of the day before trading.

If tow bars or similar encroach onto a public thoroughfare they must be clearly marked with hazard tape or enclosed with barrier.

All electric power supplied must be protected by residual current devices. Any appliance is to be separated from the supply outlet by a fuse of suitable rating.

All electrical cables or flexes, which are suspended over the public footway or carriageway shall be adequately supported.

All electrical cables or flexes which run along the ground and are in a position where the public could come into contact with them, must be fitted with rubber cable protecting mats.

Evidence should be available if required of valid Portable Appliance Testing or similar for all electrical equipment used in the stall or activity.

Electrical Power will only be available to if  prior consent is obtained.

Care of environment
If you accidently damage a ground surface, landscaping or town fixtures within the event area you will be responsible for the making good of any such damage.

Trade/Activity Waste & Rubbish
You are responsible of the disposal and removal of all your waste & rubbish from site.

Thank you for your cooperation